Our team is deep and experienced

D Thomas + Associates is truly a group effort—led by our partners and directors, but ably assisted by each member of our staff, from the administrative personnel to our associates and representatives. Our satisfaction comes from knowing we have delivered the highest quality services, solutions and products to our diverse range of clients.

D Thomas + Associates partners

Partners and Directors (Pictured Left to Right: Brad Ternes, Brad Burris, Danny Hogerty III, Laura Layton, Mike Monea, Joe Marx, Darcy Myers, Phil Burris and Tim Layton)



  • Brad Burris, Chairman
  • Mike Monea, President


  • Phil Burris
  • Dan Hogerty III
  • Tim Layton
  • Joe Marx
  • Brad Ternes



  • Dalia Combs
  • Linda Fields
  • Wayne Hall
  • Kristi Jones
  • Darcy Myers

Sales and Technical Associates

  • Lee Benton
  • Tom Binstadt
  • Andy DeMille
  • Heather Dendinger
  • Paige Goll
  • Tim Skinner
  • Chris Strait

Customer Service

Chairman Emeritus

In Memoriam